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It’s why you started, your mission statement, your core values.


The implementation.

It is your Branding – how you present your company or institution and its services.


The people.

This is your power – the team of people who live your foundation and brand.

New York Team Building Events

Rock Paper Team is a New York-based team building company with 15 years of experience in team development. Creating strong relationships is at the core of everything we do, so we make sure our events are more than fun and games — they are a way of life!

We offer a range of team building activities from scavenger hunts to community service events for corporations, wedding parties, educational institutions and non-profits. All of our activities are customized to meet the needs of our clients, whether that means visiting your office space or leading a tour for out-of-town gatherings. Although we are based in NYC, we will travel anywhere in the country or around the world to deliver a memorable team building experience.

Let us show you how we can uncover your employee’s hidden talents, create supportive bonds between your family and friends, and make your team building experience both fun and productive!

Team building is for anyone!

Fun activities get the team pumped

Team Building Events Built By Us, For You

Rock Paper Team specializes in team building events in New York. We pride ourselves on being dedicated to your success — we work with you to build activities focused on your values and goals, which means no two events with Rock Paper Team are exactly alike. We offer exciting team building opportunities in NYC for groups of any size, but it’s the details of each event that make them a unique fit specifically for you and your group.

Do you want to focus on lessons that easily translate into the office? Are you hoping to bring two families closer together before your wedding day? Is your non-profit looking to reward volunteers for their work throughout the year? Once we know your goals, we can get to work creating the perfect experience for your team. Before you know it, you’ll be moving, dancing, creating and laughing your way to a stronger, more cohesive team.

Our New York events create lasting bonds between participants by building trust, fostering an environment of open communication, and, most importantly, allowing people to have fun together. When team members are more trusting of each other, you’ll be amazed at how the entire group dynamic transforms! This is a priceless benefit for corporate teams, because our New York team building events create happier employees who work together in a more productive and successful way than ever before. We have over a decade of team development experience under our belts — let us use it to create a unique event just for you!

Not Your Basic Bonding Activities

Rock Paper Team events have the unique capability of immersing everyone from skeptics to active participants. Our activities will have your group racing to check all the items off their scavenger hunt list, laughing over silly artwork and a glass of wine, or getting to know the community better by giving back through service events. Through these activities, you and your teammates will discover that icebreakers can be fun, cheering on your fellow participants can strengthen bonds and laughing together can boost morale. If you’re more interested in learning a new skill during your event, we can even help you get moving with dance lessons, develop your photography skills, or discover a hidden talent for metal making or sand sculpting.

All of our New York team building has a distinct purpose: to provide a great opportunity for you and your group to develop a stronger bond by having fun together. We always work with you to make sure the lessons and takeaways from these events are ones your group can benefit from in the long term. We can visit your office, meet at a specified location or even travel across the globe to make sure you can enjoy and learn from our comprehensive team building experience. So, if you’re ready to build up your team or just have a fun afternoon with your friends, family or co-workers, we have an event for you!

Find your perfect team building activity!

Rock Paper Team Testimonials

"Dan and the Rock Paper Team put on an amazing scavenger hunt event. Our team of total strangers were out running around NYC, acting a fool, and having a great time. We grew closer as the night went on because we were forced to get out of our comfort zones and really get to know one another. You guys ROCK PAPER TEAM!" - Brian Dragich - Owner of Bear Flag Branding

"Rock Paper Team ROCKS!! I participated in a hunt in the West Village. The hunt was creative and really stretched our imagination and fostered team building. We all left feeling more comfortable with each other and also had a better understanding of strengths, weaknesses and personality. The hunt proved that we can all work together and function as a cohesive team, and we have ever since." - Maria Velissaris - CEO LA Voila Beauty

"We decided to try something out of the ordinary this year for our annual holiday party. My staff and I were getting bored of the humdrum dinners and cocktail hours we were so used to. We needed an activity to bring some excitement back into the office! I am a partner of the NYC Smile Spa a high end general and Cosmetic Dental office. All I can say is “WOW”, what a great team building time we had with Dan and RPT! We had a 10 person hunt and everyone on my staff loved it. We trusted, laughed and let our guards down together! Amazing bonding experience for our office." - Anonymous

"I had the pleasure of doing two Scavenger Hunts with Rock Paper Team and Dan Colgan. Both were incredibly imaginative and fun and Dan is unbelievable at getting a group hyped up and excited about the event; even those nervous to step out of their comfort zones. One of the things that stood out to me about the process is how quickly a group of people who did not really know each other learned how to work together, delegate and capitalize on each group members assets to complete the project. Would highly recommend them!" - Jacklyn Lim - OSM Partners, Inc.

"Dan from Rock Paper Team is just incredibly talented. He knows how to bring teams together such that they are interacting with each other, participating in the game and creating new bonds. All of this done without force or specific agenda -- it just naturally occurs within the structure of what he has designed! He took the Global Benefits team on an Urban Adventure (highly recommend!) in the surrounding area around our office. Many on the team have been working at Citi in that office for many years, yet never got out to explore the surrounding areas. We discovered new haunts and got to be out in the open air for a bit. Again, I was amazed by the collaboration that was elicited from the team -- they still talk about their experience months later!" - Amy Noelle - Global Benefits - Human Resources - Citi

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