Art-Based Team Building Activities

Creativity is an important aspect of any business, regardless of the industry in which your company works. Making a great product, closing a deal, managing a group of people, improving internal processes — these are all things that require employees to have creative thinking skills, and they also require teamwork. We at Rock Paper Team offer various art activities, because we believe they foster both of these characteristics.

Instilling a sense of teamwork among you and your employees will result in a more productive and collaborative work environment. It will also foster their creativity, which results in consistently better ideas about how to tackle problems, bring in new business and get the job done. Corporate development events that blend the two allow you to build the best team possible, whether you’re incorporating new hires, making a new team for a special project, or you just need to fun way to refresh a team you’ve worked with for years.

When you’re looking for your next company event, don’t settle for the usual trivia night or happy hour. These events can certainly be fun and bring people together, but they also present opportunities to create rifts based on competitiveness or awkward situations if someone drinks too much. Bring out the best, most resourceful versions of your employees with an art event and you’ll see the tools that are used in our events applied to your everyday work environment. Having a fun time that’s also conducive to creating a better work environment? Sounds like a win-win to us!

How do Art Events Help With Corporate Development?

Our team development activities in NYC focus on fostering open communication while increasing innovation and teamwork. Whether you’re working together to create an interactive piece of artwork or painting on a collective canvas, our events will get your employees or team members to express their creative side in a comfortable and non-judgmental environment. The communication and creative thinking skills your group will develop during our art events are easily applied in the office and can completely transform the way individuals in your company work together.

Most importantly, your team will be having fun together! This creates cohesion among the group and creates ties between people. When people feel connected, they feel more comfortable expressing ideas and opinions, which can lead to better, more open communication during office hours. You’ll be amazed at how much better your team functions when each member feels valued and respected!

Art Activities Offered by Rock Paper Team

We offer two main art team development activities at Rock Paper Team: interactive art classes and painting with wine. Both are great events that help your group members increase their creativity and form strong ties with each other, which leads to increased productivity and better communication during business hours.

Interactive Art

When you participate in one of our interactive art events, we’ll separate your group into smaller teams. Using improv prompts, you’ll be sent on a mission to engage with the world around you and work together to create artwork in response to the prompt. These events are a great form of friendly competition and can get different groups of people working together in a creative, problem-solving capacity.

Painting with Wine

Our painting with wine event is a great way to unwind as a team while harnessing your creative talents. Rock Paper Team partners with professional artists to provide a comfortable studio environment where you’ll learn to paint a picture piece-by-piece while relaxing with a glass of wine. After completing your individual projects, we’ll give you the opportunity to take a group art lesson with a collective canvas. This is a great opportunity to express your company’s foundation, goals or theme in a creative way.

Activities in New York

All of our events can be customized to suit your group size and dynamic. Though we typically see a lot of business who are looking for new and exciting corporate team development activities, our events are also great for bachelor(ette) parties, wedding weekends, leadership teams and birthday parties. If you have any questions about our art events, or any other events we offer, contact us today!


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