Game Shows with Rock Paper Team

What better way to illustrate efficiency, teamwork, and quick thinking than organizing your own game show? With Rock Paper Team, you can turn your work activities into Jeopardy, Monopoly, Wii Tournaments and more, because they’re not just great corporate activities for high score chasers, but for those who want to create excellent camaraderie in the workplace as well.

How Do Game Shows Help With Professional Development?

Team building events help people work together more efficiently and more successfully; they help people think outside of the box and generate ideas that lead to innovation and problem solving.

With every win for your employees, be it by answering questions correctly or winning prizes, teammates increase their confidence in their choices, which leads to better work practices in the office. Personal triumphs and individualized skill sets will appear with every correctly answered question or challenge, and, ultimately, these competencies will show up in projects, meetings, and new ideas.

Another side effect of game show corporate activities is social interaction–conversations and laughs in a competitive setting are sure to arise, and happy workers make for the best workers. Engage the softer side of people by making the questions personal, such as who has traveled to the most exotic place or what teammate has the best work story. Not only will this allow teammates to get closer, but it will also make for much better water cooler chitchat at break time!

Game Show Activities Offered by Rock Paper Team

Gone are the days of three-legged races, egg tosses, and pin the tail on the donkey—to engage your team with the kind of innovation that you want showing up in their projects you are going to have to get more creative.

Here’s a list of corporate events that will get your employees out of their computer chairs and connecting with one another:

  • One Liners: Incorporate song lyrics, movie quotes, and famous first sentences from books to create a quiz bowl that can be themed (Disney night! Tarantino challenge! R&B Greatest Hits!) or can take advantage of pop culture. For an extra bonus, have team members add the questions and then you can get a set of questions that everyone likes.
  • Trivia Nights: For those who love Trivial Pursuits, turn the fun board game into an even bigger event by dividing into teams and taking on the questions as a group. Obscure topics like traditional chopstick etiquette or the history of haute couture can be an excellent way to stump, and then educate, your coworkers—or you just might learn how knowledgeable your staff is! For an extra bonus, arrange trivia nights along with fellow companies at restaurants or bars around town – it turns a fun night into a networking opportunity.
  • Name That Song: Name That Song can focus on a musical genre, a decade of hits, or folk songs from a particular country of origin. Within 30 seconds of the opening song being played, you will be able to get your team to practice both their memory and auditory skills. Bonus: these types of skills won’t only get your team humming, but it will also practice the skills needed for remembering work presentations, speeches, and more.
  • Karaoke Party: Who doesn’t love a good opportunity to botch perfectly good lyrics on a loudspeaker in front of their boss? Not only can a karaoke reveal the secret Celine Dion’s and Barry White’s in your midst, but it can also help create more confident public speakers. For ultimate success, plan a karaoke party outside of the office setting; it will help people loosen up and really get into the exercise, because even though it may sound bad, it’s actually perfect for getting the shy teammates comfortable with the limelight.

When you engage your business with fun activities like game shows, you increase learning, collaboration, and the drive to compete – all of which are great to have in the workplace. So, next time you are planning a New York activity, choose a game show format because ultimately, everybody wins.

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