Team Building Activities

At Rock Paper team, our strength is diversity. We have many team building activities in NYC to choose from, and help to create an experience that perfectly fits your team. We walk you through how to mix and match activities in order to build a custom experience that caters to the needs and strengths of your team!

Below are a few team activities that Rock Paper Team services:

Other Team Building Activities

Game Shows

When was the last time you played a board game or a Wii game against another person in a friendly competition? Imagine if those games became real life and you and your teammates are the contestants. Team building game shows bring the competition and the fun to strengthen your team. Answer the right questions, receive prizes and feel like champions.

At a game show team building event, we split your team into separate groups (from 20 - 100 plus people). You will experience different types of game challenges that can only be won by working together. Use our team building activities to learn more about your teammates. Find out who knows trivia, who has great physical endurance, and who can solve a puzzle or equation with our unique game show team building activity. Knowing your teammates' other skill sets can make or break getting that big contract or accomplishing a new project for your company.

And the Winner Is...

Your TEAM! Laughing and building relationships in our game show team building activities will feed your team spirit for months, if not years. We still hear people say, "Oh, remember when we did that game show team building activity - that was great!" Or, "remember when (insert name) had seconds left and answered that question - AMAZING!" Let your team experience the fun of a Rock Paper Team game show - you will all be WINNERS!

Dance Lessons

Get in Sync with your Team (Bye Bye Bye... two left feet)

Taking group dance lessons helps you get in sync with your team. Do you like to move left or right? Knowing your teammates moves and rhythms lets you collaborate better and produce higher quality work for your clients and company. NYC Team building dance exercises will make your team shine like a mirror trophy after a competition. You will work with top New York City dance instructors in our team building dance activities. Rock Paper Team will take what you learned on the dance floor and transition it to the boardroom. Learning how to pace yourself, switch partners, and stay in step are all skills needed for a successful team.

Put One Foot in Front of the Other...

Walk through the door with confidence. Even if you think you have two left feet, these group dance team building lessons will take the fear away. Gain confidence and swagger as your team gives a presentation, makes a sale or finishes a major project thanks to team building dance lessons. This is a perfect corporate team building event for your hard working professionals.

Exploring the Arts

Get your Creativity on as a Team

Making a great product. Closing a big deal. These are important in succeeding as a business. None of it is done alone. How many people did you ask their opinion about a new idea? Or the best way to approach a deal? That is called teamwork. Creativity is what defines our style, approach and success. Our team building activities can help your team unlock its full potential. Now expand this idea to your teammates - the people you work with everyday. Are you tapping into everyone's most creative self for your team success?

Unlock the Artist inside your Team

At Rock Paper Team, we use many forms of group art team building activities to tap into that team creativity. Whether it is using Improv, or a group art lesson, each team member gets an opportunity to dig deep into their resourceful self. Through this type of team building activity, teams are able to take the tools learned and apply them to their everyday work. Fun and Productivity - Who Knew?

Painting Classes with Wine

Teaming up with professional artists, Rock Paper Team partners with others to provide a comfortable, supportive studio where during our team building event, you learn how to paint a picture, and have some wine at the same time. After your individual accomplishments, we will give you an opportunity to work as a team on a collective canvas. This canvas can express your company's, or team's, foundations, goals or theme.

Interactive Art Classes

Using Improv as the catalyst, we will send your team on a mission to engage with the world around them. This can be a friendly team building competition for sales teams to see how they sell a product and look at how working in team might lead to overall success.

Sand Castle Sculpting

Sand sculpting is one of the few things that can stop people in their tracks on the beach. To see someone create a masterpiece out of sand is truly remarkable. Rock Paper Team has been lucky to partner with a professional sand master in NYC who has appeared on television and created his own sand modeling tools. So, whether you want to win a sand castle competition or you want to make your company logo in the sand, you will be taught by the best of the best. When working with your team to create a sand masterpiece, you will feel a sense of accomplishment and collaboration from working as a group. Making it a friendly sand sculpting competition increases the fun by seeing how each team finishes their creations. With this exercise, it’s easy to see gradual progress, making it a perfect team building activity.

How Team Building is Achieved with Sand Sculpting

We take the fundamentals of sand modeling - the concepts, the tools, the techniques, the finished product and we have your team relate them to the steps of making a great team. By experiencing the team dynamic outside of your office walls, your teammates can start building their team and make it a masterpiece for the company and the clients.

Who Can Use this Type of Team Building

Anyone can benefit from this type of team building activity from corporations to school, alumni groups to networking groups. The best part of using sand modeling in a team building exercise is that everyone is amazed at what each team creates. Happy team building indeed!

Metal Making

Metal Making group team building activities create bonds, especially when you see a finished product that is something you never thought you could create. For team building, the skills and techniques that go into metal making can apply to how your team operates back at work. Patience, respect of the tools and equipment, and admiration for your fellow metal makers are some of the aspects you will take away from this experience. Taking those qualities back to the workplace will take your team to a whole new level.

What Could a Team Make?

There are different possibilities and during this team building activity, you can explore those possibilities. You could make a cube to put mail, candy, a candle or anything else that fits into it. You could make your company name out of metal, which you could proudly display at your front desk or outside the office.The possibilities are endless, but with our unique team building activities, the choice is yours.

Photography Lessons

Technology changes daily. We buy a new gizmo and then there is a better gizmo the next day. Our phones are our computers and our cameras. Do we really use our devices effectively? This same question can be applied to your team. The team can change and a new project could need fresh ideas, which means we now have 1 person doing 3 jobs. How do we then make the team effective? Using the concepts of photography, Rock Paper Team will create a photography team building opportunity for your team to come into focus.

Photography team building gets you and your team into focus. Learning how to properly use you camera can provide great satisfaction. Whether you are taking Photography Classes in NYC or some other city, you want the opportunity to take the best photograph. Rock Paper Team's photography team building event works with professional photography instructors to teach you the ins and outs of working with your camera. Then, Rock Paper Team applies those same lessons to show you how to focus, or re-focus, your team. You know your team. You live your team. This exercise is a gift of tools that will increase your team success.

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